Sunstones at The Lawrence

Schoolyard Scientists/East Bay Academy for Young Scientists

Based at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists (EBAYS) serves youth […]

A child holding up their paper sculpture made during Summer Fundays

Summer Fundays Activities

For info about our Summer Fundays events for 2022, view Summer is Here at The Lawrence! Summer Fundays at The Lawrence! […]

A constellation in the night sky

Imagine the Sky Tonight

What stars can you see in the sky this time of year? What shapes and stories can you imagine among them? We will give you a star map and teach you to find constellations, the starry patterns of the night sky. We might also find planets, star clusters, and other hidden treasures of the night sky. We will even imagine that we are flying away from Earth to make observations from far off in space.

A satellite in space

How Big Is the Universe

You know that the Solar System is big. Is a galaxy bigger? How much bigger? How do astronomers measure how big and how far away the Moon or a star or a galaxy is? We will actively explore these questions, and we’ll take a tour from Earth to the farthest edge of the observable Universe.

A young person testing a constructed robot car

Children’s Scholarship Fund

Join us in our commitment to working toward a future in which every young person has access to engaging and […]

Children playing on the DNA sculpture at the Lawrence

More Ways to Give

Check Payable to UC Berkeley Foundation and send to : Lawrence Hall of Science, Development Department, 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, […]

A butterfly landing on the fingers of a young person.

The Robert and Elizabeth Karplus Outdoor Nature Lab

Support this rich and inclusive learning environment combining innovative outdoor learning experiences with renowned environmental education activities and professional learning […]

Two children and a staff member are working together during a science activity.

Monster Heart Medic Technical Support

iPhone 6 Plus users If you are experiencing issues with flashing or inoperable buttons within the game,go to Settings >> […]

The Lawrence Hall of Science

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

How Can The Lawrence help you with NGSS? What are the Next Generation Science Standards? The Next Generation Science Standards […]

A young person holding up a science beaker and examining the red liquid

Environmental Detectives: A Murky Mystery

The Mystery: Fish and other wildlife are dying. The Investigation: Perform chemical and biological tests to determine what could be causing the situation. Intriguing hands-on test stations await as you gather clues, analyze data, and research the history of the area to become an environmental detective. The mystery continues back in the classroom, as teachers choose a follow-up activity from the packet provided, and as students pool their results and attempt to solve the mystery.

A student holding up his invention

Build, Engineer, Invent!

Step into the shoes of an engineer as you Build, Engineer, and Invent! This hands-on design challenge experience brings out the engineer in everyone. Explore building in two and three dimensions while discovering the design properties involved in constructing sturdy structures, bridges, roller coasters, and more! We bring the building materials; you supply the creativity!

A young person performing a science experiment using dry ice.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

What happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar in a gigantic test tube…and then try to contain it? What sub-zero substance has the ability to shrink an inflated balloon down to nothing, or even make a plant as delicate as glass? What is dry-ice and what does it do?! Discover the answer to these questions, and more, through the phase-changing, mind-bending world of solids, liquids, and gases!

A young child setting a ball at the top of a ramp

Build, Engineer, Invent “Junior”

Through playful investigations of physical science and engineering, junior engineers will Build, Engineer, and Invent! Explore motion and force as you create pathways complete with ramps, drops, twists, and turns. Explore which shapes are the strongest by erecting giant structures and testing them for stability. We bring the building materials; you supply the creativity!

Space Chef

Space Chef

Blast off with Space Chef. Have you tried Hawaiian Turkey Sliders? Quesadilla Con Huevos? How about a Peanut Butter Banana […]

DIY Sun Science

DIY Sun Science

Sunny Day Activity Printouts Any Day Activity Printouts Printouts in Spanish Sunny Day Activities 1. Observaciones solares ancestralesa 2. Cocina […]

A student writes on a clipboard while conducting an outdoor science experiment in a schoolyard.

Environmental Literacy Curriculum Connections

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are based on the premise that the purpose of learning science is to help […]