2:00–3:30 p.m.

Glass Music Workshop
Room G

Adult visitors are encouraged to join us for a unique and harmonious workshop led by Edward Schocker, an accomplished musician and executive director of Thingamajigs. Discover the enchanting world of creating musical instruments using ordinary drinking glasses and water. In this hands-on experience, Edward will guide participants through the art of tuning glasses to produce delightful musical notes. He will also share insights on the impact of music and sound on our well-being.

3:30–4:30 p.m.

Celestial Sound Oasis

This unique experience will transform the Planetarium into a sonic oasis. Accompanied by the Thingamajigs Performance Group, Edward Schocker and his newly minted protégés craft a transcendent sound bath using nothing but water-filled glasses. Enjoy the space as it’s transformed with live projected images by Keith Evans and an original score by Edward Schocker. While you are there, explore the profound connection between music and healing as you delve into the therapeutic properties of sound. Discover the science behind the soothing melodies and unlock the secrets of how music can be a powerful healer.

4:30–5:30 p.m.

Unlocking Wellbeing Through Music: a Talk by Dacher Keltner
3D Theater

Close out the event with an enlightening talk by Dacher Keltner, the founding director of the Greater Good Science Center. Keltner will share the latest research on how intentional listening can profoundly impact our sense of well-being. Explore the science behind music’s influence on our emotions and discover practical steps you can incorporate into your daily life to enhance your mental and emotional health. With a deep dive into Keltner’s groundbreaking research, this talk promises to be a melodic journey into the intersection of science and the art of living well.


Edward Schocker playing glass instruments
Edward Schocker

Edward Schocker

Edward Schocker is a composer and performer who creates music with made/found materials and alternate tuning systems. With the belief that anyone can make meaningful music with just the objects found in our everyday lives, Edward co-founded Thingamajigs, an Oakland arts nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting music created with unusual instruments and tunings. His music has been performed at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Stanford Lively Arts, Internationales Klangkunstfest in Berlin, East/West Festival in Tokyo, and the UNESCO-sponsored Shared Echoes project in Cyprus. Edward’s newest work, Self_less, was recently performed at the San Francisco International Arts Festival and the Berkeley Art Museum.

Portrait of professor Dacher Joseph Keltner
Dacher Keltner, Co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center

Dacher Keltner

Dacher Keltner is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the director of the Greater Good Science Center. He has over 200 scientific publications and six books, including Born to Be Good, The Compassionate Instinct, and The Power Paradox. Keltner has written for many popular outlets, including The New York Times and Slate. He was also the scientific advisor behind Pixar’s Inside Out, is involved with educating healthcare providers and judges, and has consulted extensively for Google, Apple, and Pinterest on issues related to emotion and well-being.