Teen Internship Program

Entering Grades 10-11-12
02/28/2022 - 08/05/2022
The Lawrence Hall of Science

Three youth investigating water at a creek

Application is now closed! Thank you, we have received many high quality applications and are looking forward to a great summer Teen Internship Program.

Are you passionate about science, and do you enjoy working with youth? For over 50 years, the Lawrence Hall of Science has been providing fun and engaging science experiences for youth. Now you, too, can be part of the magic of science learning while enriching your teaching skills. In this Teen Internship Program, you will inspire youth with curiosity, excitement, and passion for science. Together, you and Lawrence staffers will mentor youth on a journey of exploration, investigation, discovery, and invention in multiple modalities and through interdisciplinary learning. This program offers an ideal opportunity for teens with a science-oriented mind and a relationship-oriented personality. As an intern, you will gain practical skills, knowledge, and tools to facilitate fun, engaging, and meaningful hands-on science learning for youth. The program provides a great opportunity for professional as well as personal growth, and adds valuable teaching experience to your college application. The Teen Internship Program requires teens’ participation in two components: the Workshop Trainings, held before summer begins, and the Summer Placement; the program is open to teens currently in high school.

At The Lawrence, we aim to increase pathways for young people into STEM fields, be it research, business, or education. Our Teen Research Programs offer many opportunities for teens to experience what scientists do in a range of cutting-edge fields. This Teen Internship Program provides an opportunity to combine teens’ passion for STEM in particular and education in general. 

Teens accepted into the 6-month internship will go through a series of professional workshops, including science learning and teaching, leadership, and conflict resolution. On successful completion of the training, each teen will be placed in a summer science-educator role. Teens will each receive a $3,500 stipend for full-time summer participation. 

Three students are examining the contents of a cup with a small crustacean.

Grades: This program is open to teens currently in high school who are available for full-time internship during the summer.

Time: Teens must be available for Monday-evening workshops held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. every other week, February through May (see details below), and also for a full-time summer internship, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., all held at The Lawrence, June 6 through August 12, 2022. Partial summer participation will be considered.

Price: $350. Financial aid available upon request

Deadline: 5:00 p.m. 2/11/2022

Teen Stipend: $3,500 for full summer participation. Full summer participation is preferred but partial summer participation may be considered; stipend will vary.


Workshops Trainings, Monday evenings 5:00–7:00 p.m., food provided

2/28: Welcome and Internship Introductions

3/14: Leadership Styles and Collaboration

3/28: The Science of Learning and Teaching

4/11: Tools of the Trade and “Better” Practices

4/25: Learning Types and Social Emotional Learning

5/9: Summer Application and Beyond 

5/23: Camp Roles, Expectations, and Privileges

6/2: (Thursday) All Summer Staff Welcome 

Summer Placement, divided into 5, two-week-camp sessions

6/6–6/17: Session 1 

6/21–7/1: Session 2 (No camp Monday, 6/20) 

7/5–7/15: Session 3 (No camp Monday, 7/4) 

7/18–7/29: Session 4 

8/1–8/12: Session 5 

Teen Interns receive ongoing mentoring throughout summer.

Teen Interns will receive a Certificate of Internship during a celebration held the last week of summer.

Teen Internship FAQ

Do I get paid for the training workshops?

No, you do not get paid for the workshops. The stipend is awarded to teen interns who fulfill all ten weeks of the summer internship. If for some reason you need or decide to take 1 (one) two-week session off, the stipend will be adjusted accordingly. 

If my family cannot afford the price of the internship, how do I apply for financial aid?

When you apply for the internship, you will be asked if you require financial aid in order to participate. Please answer accordingly.

What if I miss a training date?

If you miss 1 (one) training workshop, you can take advantage of time that we have allocated for you to catch you up with instruction. If you know you will miss multiple workshops, it would be best not to apply this year.

What if I can’t intern all summer but really want to work with youth this summer?

If you are not available for multiple sessions, you can always volunteer for camps and simply join according to your summer availability. See the website under “Volunteers” and request summer camp.