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Augmenting Museum Visits: Guiding Families to Share in the Learning

The Lawrence Hall of Science is engaging in a three-year project (Institute of Museum and Library Services, Grant #MG-40-18-0005-18) that [...]

Educator Facilitator at Summer Fundays

Education Facilitator (UC Berkeley Student Job)

The Education Facilitator works with learners of all ages (but primarily elementary-aged kids), making science fun with hands-on experiences in different exhibit spaces at The Lawrence Hall of [...]

Un Vistazo al Laboratorio

Science at Cal – Un Vistazo al Laboratorio Video Series

Meet UC Berkeley & Berkeley Lab STEM leaders in “A Look in the Lab”, a Spanish video series hosted by [...]

Community Events

Come join us! Community Events Find science festivals, talks, and lectures happening in your [...]

Dra. Francesca Burgos Bravo

Science at Cal – Mover objetos diminutos con luz: no solo un sueño de la ciencia ficción

Si diriges un haz de luz a la mano, no se siente mucho, salvo un poco de calor. Pero si diriges ese mismo haz de luz hacia partículas microscópicas, la luz se convierte en una herramienta realmente [...]

Dr. Rachel Woods-Robinson

Science at Cal – Alchemy in the 21st Century: New materials to combat the energy crisis

As scientists continuously hunt for novel approaches to combat our energy crisis, the field of materials science has secured a spot in the fight, furthering our understanding of the properties and [...]

Coordinator of Environmental Literacy

The Lawrence seeks a skilled leader with experience at the intersection of environmental education, equity, justice, and building healthy communities to contribute to and support its environmental [...]

Learning Executive Leader

The Lawrence is looking for a visionary and effective Executive Leader for our Learning Group. This position oversees the Lawrence’s extensive portfolio through managers of large departments and [...]

A collage of a diverse group of faces

Science at Cal – Detecting Disinformation and Deep Fakes

In this lecture, Dr. Hany Farid will discuss the online disinformation landscape and what interventions are available. He will also provide an overview of how deep fakes are created, how they are [...]

Science at Cal - The Lawrence - Berkeley Lab

Oakland First Fridays

This month’s First Fridays theme is "Family Fun," and Science at Cal, The Lawrence On-The-Go, and Berkeley Lab are coming prepared with their most engaging and fun science activities to make First [...]

girl playing pinball

Summer Funday: Get Your Game On!

Join us for a celebration of the science and math of [...]

Families learning about vaccines at a community engagement event

Communities for Immunity: The Vaccine Learning Hub

“I can’t believe my family is doing science together!” exclaimed a Park Middle Schooler. The student attended the Vaccine Learning [...]

Teachers sitting at tables at The Lawrence during a workshop

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Toolkit

LCAP Toolkit for Science and Environmental Literacy In 2014, fewer than half of California’s school districts included references to science [...]

Four people walking in a snowy landscape

Science at Cal – La guía microbiana para viajar al futuro

Por 3500 millones de años organismos vivos diminutos llamados microbios han transformado el planeta. Hoy tenemos mejor ciencia para estudiar sus poderosas propiedades. Se prevé que nuestro [...]

A young trapeze performer suspended in the air with a view of the San Francisco Bay in the background

Summer Funday: Trapeze Arts

Our friends at Les Aerielles are returning once again with their incredible young trapeze arts [...]

Dr. Thomas Eng

Science at Cal – Combating Climate Change with CRISPR

This month’s Midday Science Cafe features two scientists putting the gene-editing tool, CRISPR, to work for the good of the Earth, both by tackling the causes of climate change (for example, [...]

New DIY Sun Science App

A new version of the DIY Sun Science App from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science is now available. July, [...]

Operations Supervisor

Want to have your own team at UC Berkeley’s public science center?  The Lawrence Hall of Science is hiring an Operations Supervisor. Build and lead a team of motivated UC Berkeley student staff to [...]

Marketing Lead

Help us tell our story! Everything we do at The Lawrence is in support of our mission: to inspire and engage through science discovery and learning in ways that advance equity and opportunity. Our [...]

the molecular structure of ice cream

Summer Funday: Ice Cream Day

Learn to make your own ice cream treat…with [...]

Office Lead (UC Berkeley Student Job)

The Lawrence Hall of Science is UC Berkeley’s public science center. We welcome over 120,000 visitors per year, about half of whom are children. The Visitor Services & Retail team handles daily [...]

A child smiles when a ball rolls down a ramp.

Summer Funday: Fun with Physics

From rollers to resistors, from magnets to mirrors, our tabletop demonstrations help you explore the forces of motion and energy of our [...]

Visitor Services & Retail Associate

The Lawrence Hall of Science is UC Berkeley’s public science center. We welcome over 120,000 visitors per year, about half of whom are children. Come work on our Public Engagement team as a Visitor [...]

A graphic that reads Science of the Human Body

Science@Stockmen’s Park

Explore everyday science at Science@Stockmen’s Park, a free, accessible monthly outdoor event for children, teens, and adults. As part of this month’s Science of the Human Body event, The [...]

Schedule of Activities

Schedule of Activities Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.m. The Lawrence opens. 11 a.m. Activity Animal Ambassador > In the 3D [...]

Map of the World

Science at Cal – Uncovering the Past: Using Genetic Data to Understand Human History and Evolution

Recent advances in sequencing DNA have opened up new opportunities to use genetic data to improve our understanding of human history and evolution. For example, genetic data can be used to reconstruct [...]

Visitor Services & Retail Associate (UC Berkeley Student Job)

Come work on our Public Engagement team as a Visitor Services & Retail Associate! Welcome our visitors when they arrive. Join our team to sell admissions, movie tickets, planetarium shows [...]

A child is looking at an insect on a leaf

Summer Funday: Bug Bonanza

Look carefully... Six legs? Eight legs? Fourteen? Let's observe bugs up close and see what we can [...]

Lab Mechanician

Are you a creative innovator with functional, technical know-how who enjoys hands-on building, making, problem solving, inventing, and learning new things? We are looking for a dynamic team member to [...]