Our four strategic initiatives are what we do. They chart our path from rigorous research to far-reaching education and engagement.

Our Centers

Two children are examining nature in the Outdoor Nature Lab

Center for Environmental Learning

We advance environmental literacy and justice through STEM learning in formal and informal education systems.

Two children are using a hand lens to examine a bird's nest

Center for K-12 Science

We advance policies, systems, and high-quality instructional materials to prioritize science teaching and learning.

A student is building and programming a model car

Center for Transforming Science & Society

We transform public engagement with global issues and the scientific concepts that underpin those issues.

A student is holding up a science beaker and examining the red liquid inside

Center for STEM Pathways

We transform STEM learning and career pathways to reimagine science discovery and innovation.

Organizing Principles

icon of a microscope


We conduct research in aid of developing new products and programs (our own and others), to tighten the research-practice cycle, and to ensure broadening participation through learning how to break down systemic barriers and inequities in STEM education.

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We build and maintain mutually beneficial, deep and meaningful partnerships and collaborations that achieve shared goals. Our partnerships range from informal collaborations to formal business agreements and focus on design, implementation, research and/or dissemination activities.

icon of two hands, one large, one small

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

We inspire and engage through science discovery and learning. These efforts would simply hold no value without honoring the diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences of the communities with which we aim to partner. It is imperative that we, as a member of the STEM community, cultivate and advance equity — in our work environment; in our programs, products, and services; and in our community partnerships.

icon of an apple and science test tube on a computer screen

Learning Design

Through intentional design processes, we create compelling instructional sequences and enable all students to inhabit the role of a scientist and successfully use science to solve real world problems. By supporting students’ scientific habits of mind, our curriculum develops young citizens who are curious, skeptical, evidence-based thinkers capable of making decisions that improve their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.