Making Sense of Science for Decision Making

A student participating in a science class

Grades: 9-10-11-12

Time: 3:30-5pm

Date: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15

Location: Zoom

Registration Closed

Price: $310
Financial Aid: A generous gift provided through a collaboration with the Nobel Foundation is offering full tuition for this Teen Research Program to families in need. To apply, do not register for the program instead fill out this form and you will receive new registration instructions within a few days.

Making Sense of Science

What makes science an effective way of finding out about the world and making decisions? In this online Teen Research Program, you will learn how we can all use science to make better decisions so as to bring about the outcomes we want. We will experiment with the best-known method for finding out what causes what—the randomized controlled trial. This method has been used to find out everything from which medicines work to why people make mistakes. You will design a study, predict what you think will happen, and then test it out.

Together we will look at how scientific evidence accumulates over time, and how the best scientific ideas gradually become more accurate and more complete. You will build an understanding of how science works to help you make better sense of the world, and you will craft your own evidence-based health message that you think will be useful for your community.

You will gain skills and knowledge about scientific methods, data analysis, and the history of science while adding valuable experience to your college application. This program is based on a Big Ideas course at UC Berkeley developed by the Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter.

This program takes place online for grades 9-10-11-12.

What You Will Need at Home:

  • A laptop or desktop computer and access to stable Internet service