Entering Grade 2

Arcade Makers

Are you ready to “level up” and set a high score? In this camp, participants will design and build classic, hand-powered, arcade games such as pinball and skee ball. Together, we will investigate how things roll, fly, slide, collide, and more. During this program, your camper will use their ingenuity to design, build, and test creative contraptions using a variety of recycled materials. They will gain a better understanding of force, trajectory, leverage, and motion, as well as learn how to innovate through the engineering design process.

Two campers are building their arcade games with a variety of objects during the Arcade Makers Summer Camp.

Camp Info

Entering Grade 2

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The Lawrence Hall of Science

$1395.00 for 2 weeks


Session 2: June 20–30, 2023 (Holiday Exclusion June 19)

Session 4: July 17–28, 2023

Arcade Makers

Ready to “level up”? In this Lawrence Hall of Science summer camp program, participants will design and build classic, non-electronic, arcade games such as pinball.