Entering 7 – 9

Coding and Engineering Nano-Satellites

Have you ever wondered how scientists use programming to explore the deepest reaches of space? In this program you will discover an exciting real-world application of computer programming. Learn block-based coding and use it to overcome engineering challenges as you build and program your own model satellite. You will become familiar with the iterative design process, and will deepen your knowledge of both our solar system and computer programming. This program includes visits to science center exhibits. *No coding experience required.

Two students are working on a coding project during the Coding and Engineering Nano-Satellites program.

Camp Info

Dates: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m, 07/10/2023 – 07/14/2023

Location: Valley Life Sciences Building, UC Berkeley Campus

Housing: No on-campus housing available.

Food: Participants bring lunch and snacks from home.

Program Tuition: $995 or $895(reduced)


A Day in the Life

Our days begin with gathering on campus and signing in to our respective tracks. Teens head to their lab spaces and form an opening circle to frame the day, including a quick social check-in and themed invitation to learning. Teens then engage in related explorations and investigations in pairs, such as using Scratch to solve a range of design challenges, building a nano-satellite, or coding your nano-satellite to conduct a space investigation. Midday, teens take time to eat lunch on a campus green and enjoy some social down time together. Afternoons continue investigations and incorporate tours to UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Lab, the Lawrence Hall of  Science Planetarium, and other sites on and off campus. Alternatively, grad students or faculty may join the group for Q&A and sharing about cutting-edge research happening on or off campus. Content wraps up with a closing circle around 3:45 p.m., and the teens gather together again for additional science and engineering career pathway programming in mixed groups. This can include a campus tour, current student panel Q&A, and other personal or professional development workshops. Teens head home at 5:30 p.m.

Staff Bio

Luis Saldana

Originating from Salinas, California, Luis Saldana grew up fascinated with mathematics and physics but lacked the resources to pursue his passions. Today, he is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mathematics and Statistics and a minor in Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Luis is passionate about giving youth growing up in Salinas, like he once did, opportunities that he did not have growing up. In his free time, you can find Luis hiking, mountain biking, and hanging out with his dog, Bruno. He enjoys playing video games and watching Spider-man movies.