Entering Grade 2

Journey to Jupiter

What if you looked up at the night sky and saw four moons instead of just one? That’s what you would see from the surface of Jupiter! In this camp, your young astronomer will design a spacecraft that can launch through Earth’s atmosphere and land on and explore one of Jupiter’s moons. Together, we will brave the erupting volcanoes of Io, slip and slide on the icy surface of Europa, and drill into Ganymede’s underground ocean. During this program, campers will use a variety of materials to design, build, and test launch rockets, landing systems, and rovers for exploring a moon’s surface. Your camper will gain a deeper understanding of our Solar System, Jupiter and its moons, and spacecraft engineering.

Two campers and a camp leader are holding up model planets as they make a model of the solar system.

Camp Info

Entering Grade 2

Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

The Lawrence Hall of Science

$1395.00 for 2 weeks

Session 1: June 3–14, 2024

Session 3: July 8–19, 2024

Session 5: August 5–August 16, 2024

The camp cancelation date has passed. Refunds are no longer available.