Working Towards Equitable Organizations in Environmental Education

Working Towards Equitable Organizations Workshop Series is a collaboration between the Lawrence Hall of Science and an organization called Youth Outside, which aims to support California-based residential outdoor science organizations as they strive to build capacity to foster equitable, inclusive, and culturally relevant work environments and organizations for educators of color. Researchers at the Lawrence serve as evaluation partners to examine the design, development, and implementation of the pilot professional learning model. Through this work we conducted a study to examine how outdoor science programs operationalize equity, inclusion, and diversity in the work environment, so as to identify which tools and strategies might better support organizational change. This work has led to a practitioners brief and has been presented at various conferences, including the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, the Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment 5th Annual Conference, and the North American Association for Environmental Education and the Children and Nature Network International Conference.

Examining Equitable and Inclusive Work Environments in Environmental Education (PDF, 3.9MB)