Who: Mini PL Series for 6th-12th grade science, history, math, computer and social science teachers and instructional coaches. 

What: Join us for a 2-part professional learning series to learn how to use spatial data to explore environmental questions. 

When: Part 1. March 30, and Part 2. Apr 1, 2021 4:00 to 5:30 PM (PST)

This series will provide an introduction to GIS (geographic information systems), as well as how to collect and analyze your own spatial data. You will learn how to use and create maps connecting existing and self-generated data gathered from your neighborhood. This is a great tool for remote-learning, and can be used to improve spatial literacy and investigate environmental issues. Information on how to access free data map resources will be provided.  No prior experience required to participate. 

Activities will use free online links but it is recommended to get an ArcGIS on-line public account if you do not already have an organizational account from your school/district.  Individual accounts can be created here. 

For use in your classroom ArcGIS Education Account is strongly recommended. Check if your school has an educational license here (search the map) and contact your administrators to inquire and get access.  If your school does not have a license, consider registering for a free educational license here (scroll down for form). 

Your Hosts: 

Hana Moidu, PhD Candidate, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, Mgmt, UC Berkeley

Sarah Pedemonte, Learning and Teaching Group, The Lawrence, UC Berkeley

Betsy Mitchell, PhD, Science Content Specialist, UC Berkeley Natural Museums

Joanna Totino, Director Bay Area Science Project, The Lawrence, UC Berkeley


For more information visit: https://crscience.org/educators/climateliteracyseries/