Water and energy, two intricately connected systems, are critical to California’s future as we face increasing urbanization and climate change. In this Midday Science Cafe, we’ll hear from two researchers studying the connection between water and energy, or the “water-energy nexus”. We’ll learn from Julia Szinai about the implications of climate change and climate change solutions on the water-energy nexus and how California’s water and electricity resources may be impacted by the end of the century. Dr. Jennifer Stokes-Draut will illustrate how energy is used in California’s water systems and describe energy-efficient innovations for the future.


Julia Szinai

PhD Candidate
Energy and Resources Group
UC Berkeley

Dr. Jennifer Stokes-Draut

Research Scientist
Energy Technologies Area
Berkeley Lab

Event Contact

Science at Cal,  scienceatcal@berkeley.edu,  Access Coordinator: 510-642-5132