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Dive into the research with Asst. Professor Eason, UC Berkeley Psychologist, to demystify why prejudice and bias have persisted for so long. Understand the impacts of our “representational landscapes”, such as why folks like Native Americans and queer people get left out of our national narratives or how the presence of racial segregation maintains bias, and what actions we can take against it.

Then take some tools to that noggin’ with science-tested practical techniques by the Unconscious Bias Project with Dr. Linet Mera that you can apply in seconds to fight discrimination when it comes up and when you see it happen in real life.

Talk to the experts and learn practical tools you can apply any time to *actually* make the world a better place.

Bring pen and paper to follow along in our livestream or get ready to participate in our small group event by registering via Zoom. To learn more about this event, how to sponsor, how to register, and where to catch the livestream, visit our event page.

“Oh Behave!” is Bay Area’s Unconscious Bias Project’s contribution to the 2022 Bay Area Science Festival. This event received awesome support from Nerd Nite SF & Science at Cal – Thank you!


Dr. Arianne E. Eason

Dr. Arianne E. Eason

Department of Psychology,
UC Berkeley

Dr. Linet Mera

Dr. Linet Mera

Unconscious Bias Project

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