Dr. Priya Moorjani will discuss two ongoing projects within her lab: 1) Reconstructing the history of human-Neanderthal mixture using ancient genomes, and 2) Characterizing the patterns of major mixture events occurring in ancient Europe; both critical movements in human history. These analyses highlight the power of genomic data to elucidate the legacy of human migrations, providing insights that complement research done in archaeology and linguistics.

Priya Moorjani in a group photo, standing in front of a skeleton of a dinosaur
Priya Moorjani in front of a world map

Doors open at 10:45 a.m.

9 minute walk from downtown Berkeley BART


Dr. Priya Moorjani

Dr. Priya Moorjani

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology,
Center of Computational Biology

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