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The workshop will last one hour and introduce teachers to an innovative high school curriculum on scientific thinking that equips students with strategies and skills to evaluate evidence and make informed decisions. The curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary UC Berkeley undergraduate course, Sense & Sensibility & Science, and you will hear from the professor who started the course, Nobel Laureate in Physics Saul Perlmutter.

At this workshop, high school teachers will:

  • Learn and contribute to discussion about how teachers can improve mutual understanding, trust, and thinking capacities in our society.
  • Learn how scientific thinking can support decision-making in everyday life.
  • Be introduced to innovative open-source curricular materials on scientific thinking, created by UC Berkeley curriculum developers in collaboration with the Nobel Foundation.
  • Try out a sample activity from a new unit on the nature of science and scientific advancement in the context of clean water access.
  • Build community with fellow teachers and educators interested in innovating science education towards a better future.
  • Learn about paid opportunities to field test new units, starting in Fall 2023.

We hope to see you there!

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