Fly High


In our Fly High exhibit, test your ability to design an object that can hover on our hover table and fly in our wind tubes. Watch as balls and other objects appear to levitate over the Bernoulli table.

Discover the Force of Gravity

How do you design an object that can hover without falling off the table? What about an object that hovers at different heights? Can you make it spin while hovering?

During your design process, consider Newton’s Third Law—“for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When air pushes something, that thing pushes back. Scientists must consider these gravitational forces when launching, moving, or landing an object like a parachute or a rocket ship.

How can you use the idea of balancing forces to control the movement of your object on the hover table or in the wind tube? Find out in Fly High.

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$4 + Admission

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