Pandemic Detectives

Past Exhibit

Unmask the Science!

Dive into the science behind the COVID19 pandemic using hands-on activity stations. Test different mask materials, inspect them under a microscope, build model antibodies, discuss with your group what kinds of risks certain activities pose, and more!

Antibody Builder

How are our bodies able to fight off viruses like COVID? What is an antibody? Use duplos in a way you never have before, to construct your own model antibodies and try to fight off a series of more complex model viruses.

Mask Inspector

What do masks look like under a microscope? What makes different materials more effective than others? Come join us and conduct your own investigation to find out!

Microscopes of Tomorrow

Learn about the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow’s microscopes featuring the diverse group of UC scientists sharing their research and stories.

Rate These Risks

Avoiding risk is more a part of our everyday lives than ever. What is your risk tolerance? How does that compare to other visitors? Share your thoughts and join the conversation!

Science on a Sphere

Get an astronaut’s-eye-view of the pandemic—without leaving the ground. Come investigate this 3D projection of our planet to see how the virus spread across the globe and how different countries continue to react. 

Learn more about what else you can see on our Science on a Sphere.

The Race to Conquer COVID

Come explore how the University of California — and its vast health enterprise — played a role in the research, technology and patient care that is taking us from crisis to cure. Explore the app in the comfort of your own home too by visiting The Race to Conquer COVID

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