Stop-Motion Stories

In Stop-Motion Stories, you create a story and make it come to life with cameras and a computer. Choose from a variety of toys and objects, or animate your own series of still illustrations to tell your story.

Bring Your Stories to Life with Stop-Motion

Place objects on the “stage” and push a button to capture photos of them. Then make small changes in the scene between photos by moving the objects or by  erasing and redrawing parts of your illustration. Once you’re done, then press “play”—and watch your story come to life!

How can you make things look like they’re moving faster or slower? Can you animate something that happens in real life, like a drop of water falling into a lake or a ball bouncing? Can you animate something that’s impossible in real life?

Like a flip book, stop-motion plays back a series of still images, or frames. When you record a video using a video camera, the camera actually takes a series of still pictures, or frames, one right after the other—usually 24 frames per second (fps). When these frames are played back, your eyes and brain blend the frames together so that you see motion—a moving picture!

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