Celebrate Earth Day at the Hall

April 28, 2014
Earth Rise, NASA Image

While going through daily life, it is easy to take the planet we live on for granted. It’s simply there, and many people don’t appreciate it unless they’re watching a sunset from atop a mountain or dipping their toes in the lapping ocean.

But, that’s what Earth Day is for — to be thankful for our home planet and to acknowledge how amazing it truly is. One great way to do this is by learning more about it. Join us at the Hall on on Saturday April 19 and on Earth Day, April 22, to explore Earth in a fun and exciting way that will surely make you love your planet on its very own special day.

Unfortunately, not everyone can jet off into space and see the world from a whole new perspective. However, you can feel like a true astronaut and observe Earth on a huge six-foot-diameter sphere right here at the Hall. You’ll be able to watch weather and wave patterns, glistening night lights, and the shapes of the lands around the globe. Then, once you’ve explored Earth in its entirety, turn your spaceship around and look outwards into the rest of the solar system in our Planetarium. Marvel over the extraterrestrial wonders and understand Earth’s place in the universe.

Once you’ve explored beyond the atmosphere, come back down to the ground and visit Earth’s insects. You can look at a real tarantula and cockroach at the insect zoo before walking among massive, moving, and buzzing models of the animals that usually don’t get much love in the Xtreme BUGS exhibit. There’s also a 3-D movie that you can check out called “Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure.” Don’t shriek in fright or swat them away, but learn how important these insects are to our lives.

After you learn about these animals, go outside and be among them. Our outdoor Forces That Shape the Bay exhibit allows you to learn about the geologic forces that have created our home in a hands-on manner. Plus, you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the entire bay as you learn about it.

You can do all of this and more on Earth Day at the Lawrence Hall of Science. You will definitely leave here loving the big, blue marble that we all call home.

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