Lawrence Hall of Science “Inspiring Young Minds” Gala

October 23, 2014
The Lawrence Hall of Science Gala | Inspiring Young Minds

Join business, community, scientific and educational leaders as they celebrate their commitment to inspiring young minds, at the biennial Lawrence Hall of Science gala on Saturday, November 1.

By celebrating with us, you help provide science, technology, engineering, and math experiences that will inspire generations of young people to become scientifically literate citizens, and help establish interests that will carry through to future careers. Through the Hall’s science center, science apps, Web resources, curriculum and programs, we’ve reached more than 2.5 million students since 2010, and we know that with your help this number can continue to grow and the kid’s experiences will deepen.

Funds raised by the “Inspiring Young Minds” Gala will aid scholarships and outreach programs that assist kids in underserved communities. The ability to offer special events, summer camp scholarships, and reduced or free admission has been instrumental in making the Hall’s resources accessible to kids who are not typically participants in science-rich programming.

Today’s kids are the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, and they need your help. After all, today’s biggest innovations were invented by someone who was once a kid! For example, when 2013 Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman, was a child he studied all kinds of things with his toy microscope, leading to his lifelong fascination with microbiology and the discovery of the machinery that regulates transport system within cells. Dr. Schekman is the featured speaker at the event, which will also include interactive experiences, music, fine food and drinks, and lots of opportunities to make new discoveries.

So how can you help? Tickets for the Gala can be purchased online.

Gala attendees will also have an opportunity to support the Hall by bidding during the live auction, hosted by Liam Mayclem. Proceeds from the Gala auction are especially important as they provide camp scholarships, teen internship programs, and school and community outreach. “As a reporter I made several visits to the Hall and saw their programs first hand. I’m impressed with the Hall’s mission and impact.”

We hope you will join us on November 1 to celebrate and support our mission to inspire and foster the learning of science for all.

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