Our 40th Anniversary Celebration

March 9, 2008

The Lawrence Hall of Science celebrated its 40th Anniversary in style during its Global Groove Gala on May 9, 2008.  The entire Hall was transformed into a stunning display of light and color as 340 guests enjoyed an evening of international cuisine and entertainment set against the stunning backdrop of San Francisco Bay.  The night was full of surprises as guests were treated to the first public viewing of the Hall’s newest exhibit, Science On a Sphere; enjoyed tasting wines from around the world; sampled unique treats from the molecular gastronomy bar; and viewed dazzling light-filled performances featuring the Zebbler Encanti Experience, Gregangelo and Velocity Circus, the Mirthlings, and Steve Beck.

The dynamic evening continued as guests dined outdoors, enjoying the panoramic view of the entire Bay Area in a unique transparent tent. It was a spectacular venue for the presentation of the Hall’s prestigious Awards for Excellence in Science Education, honoring an organization and an individual whose work have had significant impact on the public understanding of science.  UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau presented the organization award to Deborah Adler Myers, Senior Vice President of Programming, who accepted on behalf of Discovery Communications/Science Channel, The Science Channel was honored for ensuring that a wide array of scientific knowledge as well as “breaking” scientific news is broadly available to the public and for demonstrating a deep commitment to foster increased student interest and proficiency in math and science, through its support of the Discovery Young Scientist Challenge.  Dr. Alan J. Friedman, former Director of the New York Hall of Science, accepted the individual award for Excellence in Science Education for his innovative, creative leadership. Dr. Friedman’s advocacy and work on behalf of informal science education has strengthened the field and influenced the work of science centers worldwide. The presentation took on special significance as guests learned more about Dr. Friedman’s early career at the Hall where he was instrumental in establishing the Holt Planetarium and the groundbreaking astronomy and space science education programs used worldwide today.

Anniversary Gala Chairs & Committee

Gala Co-Chairs
Annie Baxter Perrin and Petra Michel
Gala Committee
Steve Beck
Jean Brandenberger
Harry Heckman
Paul Hertelendy
Joyce Hicks
Erin Taylor Holland
C. Michael Lederer
Midge Zischke
Honorary Committee Chair
Mary Catherine Birgeneau, Chair
Honorary Committee
Bruce and Betty Alberts
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Albo
Bob Albo
Sharon Baab
Steve Beck and Candice Eggarss
Jean and Don Brandenberger
Ian Carmichael
Aart DeGeus and Esther John
Nancy and Hugh Ditzler
Nancy Dyar and Thomas Higgins
Roger and Patricia Falcone
David Pierpont Gardner
Grant and Austra Gauger
Susan and Larry Gregory
Sheila Grinnell and Tom Johnson
Harry and Kate Heckman
Bea and Richard Heggie
Elizabeth Helmholz
Paul Hertelendy
Joyce Hicks and Eric Behrens
Erin Taylor Holland
Thomas and Frederika Horton
Lab-Aids, Inc.
Mac (Watson M.) Laetsch
Jim and Tori Lawrence
Steven and Lorraine Lawrence
C. Michael Lederer
Interim Vice Chancellor Harry LeGrande
Ken Lutz
Henry H. Liu
John and Helen Meyer
Petra Michel
Jim and Sharon Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Peabody
Norman and Janet Pease
Annie and Marc Perrin
Dave and Judy Redo
John Robbins
Kevin and Amy Saavedra
Andy and Rachelle Sessions
Barclay and Sharon Simpson
Elizabeth Stage
Craig Strang and Persis Karim
Jasmine and Robert Tarkoff
Diane Tokugawa and Alan Gould
Neil Tuller
Midge and Peter Zischke

Anniversary Gala Sponsors

The Lawrence Hall of Science wishes to recognize the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for their support as we celebrate the landmark occasion of our 40th Anniversary.

Gold Sponsors

Publisher of the Lawrence Hall of Science FOSS and Seeds of Science, Roots of Reading Programs

Silver Sponsors


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Bronze Sponsors

Paul Hastings
Esther John and Aart J. DeGeus

Major In-Kind Sponsorship From

Diablo Magazine

Meyer Sound

More In-Kind Sponsorship From



Hanger One Vodka

Vintage Berkeley

Wine Shipping

Excellence in Science Education Awards

Instituted by Lawrence Hall of Science in 2004, these awards honor individuals and organizations whose work reflects a deep and lasting commitment to science education. We celebrate their contributions to the advancement of literacy in science, mathematics, and technology. At the 2008 Global Groove Gala, the Hall recognized the following for their outstanding achievements in science and mathematics education.

Dr. Alan Friedman

For 22 years until his retirement in 2006, Dr. Alan J. Friedman served as Director of the New York Hall of Science, New York City’s public science-technology center. Under his leadership it won special recognition for encouraging new technologies, creating new models for teacher training, serving an extraordinarily diverse audience, and evaluating the effectiveness of informal science learning. The American Association for the Advancement of Science recognized Dr. Friedman with its Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology. He is a Fellow of the America Association for the Advancement of Science and a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, a recipient of the Association of Science-Technology Centers’ Fellow Award, and the American Institute of Physics’ Andrew Gemant Award.

Dr. Friedman attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and earned a Ph.D. in physics from Florida State University. After teaching at Hiram College in Ohio, he decided in 1972 to give up academic physics and specialize in science museums, joining the staff of the Lawrence Hall of Science as the founding director of the astronomy and physics education program. During his 12 years at LHS, Dr. Friedman established the William K. Holt Planetarium and created the interactive format that led to that facility being named the Best Planetarium in the World. He also served as a consultant to the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris. A noted expert on Einstein and a scholar of the intersection of art and science, Dr. Friedman is known as an innovative, creative leader whose advocacy and work on behalf of informal science education has strengthened the field and influenced our work worldwide. 

2008 Interview with Dr. Alan Friedman
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7

You may also watch these on our YouTube channel.

Discovery Communications/Science Channel

 As the only television network dedicated entirely to science, Science Channel celebrates the cause and effect, the trials and errors, and the “eureka” moments that only science can deliver. Through in-depth documentaries, fascinating series, current events coverage, and digital resources, the network immerses viewers in a full spectrum of global scientific topics ranging from string theory to outrageous inventions.

Science Channel’s annual programming events such as Space Week and its distinct specials with leading researchers including Dr. J. Craig Venter, Stephen Hawking, and Nobel laureate Hamilton Smith help the public to know how science touches their daily lives. Ongoing relationships with some of the world’s leading scientific organizations, including AAAS and NASA, give Science Channel access to document some of the most important scientific advancements as they happen. The network’s website sciencechannel.com provides a deep dive into topics both covered and uncovered on the network; and includes interviews with leading experts, exclusive videos, compelling photos, games, and more.

The network seeks to help viewers embrace science and is committed to encouraging future science enthusiasts. Science Channel’s support of the Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge targets middle school students in the years when research indicates interest in science begins to fade. The Young Scientist Challenge encourages them to explore core scientific concepts and creatively and passionately communicate their findings. Celebrating its 10-year milestone, a vital component of the 2008 competition will be students’ innovative use of everyday technology to communicate scientific knowledge.

Past Excellence in Science Education Award Recipients

Employees Community Fund (ECF) of Boeing California
Bruce Alberts, Ph.D.

F. James Rutherford

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