Camps Entering Grade 2

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Entering Grade 2

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

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The Lawrence Hall of Science

A child uses a magnifying glass to investigate nature

Nature Detectives

06/06/2022 – 06/17/2022
07/18/2022 – 07/29/2022

Have you ever wondered how people learned about plants and animals before the internet? In this program, you will sharpen your observation skills and meet lots of interesting organisms up close and personal. Together we will create art with nature and explore the outdoors. During the program you will solve an insect “who-dunnit” by collecting and analyzing evidence. You will gain investigative skills and learn to use an evidence-based approach to problem solving.

6/06/22 – 6/17/22 – No Longer Available

07/18/22 – 07/29/22 – SOLD OUT

A child smiles when a ball rolls down a ramp.

Arcade Makers

06/21/2022 – 07/01/2022 (Holiday Exclusion 06/20/2022)
08/01/2022 – 08/12/2022

Are you ready to “level up”? In this program, you will design and build classic, non-electronic, arcade games such as pinball. Together we will investigate how things roll, fly, slide, collide, and more. During the program you will use your ingenuity to design, build, and test creative contraptions using a variety of materials. You will gain a better understanding of force, trajectory, leverage, and motion, as well as learn how to innovate through the engineering design process.

06/21/22 – 07/01/22 – SOLD OUT

A child is looking through a telescope

Moons of Jupiter

07/05/2022 – 07/15/2022 (Holiday Exclusion 07/04/2022)

Are you curious about space travel within our Solar System? In this program, you will design a spacecraft to launch from Earth’s atmosphere, then land on and explore one of Jupiter’s moons. Together we will brave the erupting volcanoes of Io, slip and slide on the icy surface of Europa, and drill into Ganymede’s underground ocean. During the program you will design, build, and test the launch rocket, landing system, and rover for exploring a moon’s surface. You will gain a deeper understanding of our Solar System, Jupiter and its moons, and spacecraft engineering itself.