Camps Entering Grade K

Two children with a model car at a science exhibit

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Entering Grade K

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

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The Lawrence Hall of Science

Our early-childhood program has been designed to meet the learning needs of this unique age group. Cassia Izaac is continuing her role as a full-time lead educator; she will be accompanied by other experienced early-childhood educators. Group size for this age group will be limited to 18 participants to ensure that our young campers receive the support and attention they need. The daily schedule and activities are designed to accommodate learners’ energy throughout the day. Please note that this grade band is only open to children entering kindergarten in the coming fall.

There’s No Place Like Home

06/06/2022 - 06/17/2022
07/05/2022 - 07/15/2022 (Holiday Exclusion: 07/04/2022)

Have you ever wondered what kinds of things baby dinosaurs, birds, and humans all need in order to survive and thrive? In this program, you will learn about creatures from both the past and the present through their behaviors, fossils, and “homes.” Together we will investigate creatures’ features and discover how human needs are similar to those of our animal friends. During the program you will have guest visits from our Animal Discovery Zone, create model habitats for animals of the past and the present, and use your imagination to “make up” a future creature and its habitat to take home. You will gain knowledge about many forms of life on this planet and what all living things have in common.

No Longer Available

Making Magnificent Mixtures

06/21/2022 - 07/01/2022 (Holiday Exclusion: 06/20/2022)
07/18/2022 - 07/29/2022

Do you love mixing substances together to see what happens? In this program, you will get to experiment with all sorts of mixtures, concoctions, and potions. Together we will investigate mixing dry things, wet things, airy things, and even slimy things. During the program you will experiment, observe, describe what you notice, and answer questions such as: can we inflate a balloon just by mixing a solid and liquid? Or can we change the state of matter by changing just one ingredient? You will gain important knowledge about solids, liquids, gases, and the stuff in between.

6/21/22 – 7/01/22 No Longer Available

7/18/22 – 7/29/22 SOLD OUT

The Lawrence Hall of Science

Exploring Our Planet

08/01/2022 - 08/12/2022

What makes Earth not too hot and not too cold, but “just right” for us to live on? In this program, you will explore our Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, as well as the connections between them. Together we will investigate life on this planet we call home and will also blast off to the Moon in our Planetarium. During the program you will explore ways in which the Sun and our Earth relate to each other, and why life would not look the same on the Moon. You will gain both investigative skills and knowledge of our Solar System through lots of hands-on activities.