Science Camp @ The Lawrence for Grades 1 – 2

Registration is closed for this camp. Please view our Summer Camps page for current offerings.

Three week IN PERSON Camp at The Lawrence

Nature Craft
Are you ready to be inspired by nature? In this program, you will use a scientific lens to explore the patterns in nature, get new ideas, and create art of your own from natural materials. You will explore the colors, shapes, and structures of living and non-living things. Each day will include time outdoors for observations, scientific investigation, and creative art and craft projects. Campers will gain skills to discover the natural world up close through noticing, wondering, and making connections. 

Moons of Jupiter
Are you curious about space travel in our Solar System? In this program, you will design a spacecraft to land on and explore one of Jupiter’s moons! Together we will design, build, and test the launch rocket, landing system, and rover for exploring its surface while we brave the erupting volcanoes or drill into Ganymede’s underground ocean. You will gain a deeper understanding of our Solar System, Jupiter and its moons, spacecraft engineering, and more. This program includes visits to museum exhibits.

Arcade Makers
Are you ready to “level up”? In this program, you will design and build classic, non-electronic, arcade games. Together, we will investigate how things roll, fly, slide, collide, and more. Each day you will use your ingenuity to design, build, and test creative contraptions using a variety of materials. You will gain a better understanding of force, trajectory, and motion, as well as how to innovate through the engineering design process. Join us to create and play in our very own arcade full of games!

Member: $1,890.00 / Non-Member: $1,995.00

Session 1: June 7 – June 25   9AM-4PM

Session 2: June 28 – July 16   9AM-4PM

Session 3: July 19 – August 6   9AM-4PM

Registration Closed