Great Explorations in Math & Science (GEMS)

Tested in thousands of classrooms nationwide, the more than 70 GEMS Teacher’s Guides and Handbooks offer a wide range of supplementary learning experiences for preschool through 8th grade.

GEMS activities engage students in direct experience and experimentation to introduce essential standards-based principles and concepts. Clear step-by-step instructions enable all teachers to be successful presenting the activities. GEMS units offer effective, practical, economical, and schedule-friendly ways to provide high-quality science and math learning to all students.


  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Physical Science
  • Ecology
  • Color
  • Environment
  • Ocean Science
  • Animals

Grades: PreK – 8

Education Standards:

California Standards


Math Around The Word Book cover

GEMS: Math Around the World

With a wide range of games and other challenges from many continents, Math Around the World sets mathematics within a multicultural and international […]

Color Analyzer Book Cover

GEMS: Color Analyzers

Teasing a rainbow from a lightbulb. Decoding messages from abstract art. Unveiling the answer to why an apple looks red. This updated and enhanced New GEMS version of the classic teacher guide has […]

Ocean Currents Book Cover

GEMS: Ocean Currents

Students gain fascinating insights into our ocean planet through these innovative activities. They learn how wind, temperature, salinity, and density set water into motion, and they make an […]


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