Ardice Hartry, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research & Impact

Ardice Hartry leads the Research & Impact group at the Lawrence, which includes the work of the Research Group, the Learning Labs, and Youth Pathway Programs. With those teams, she aims to design experiences that inspire lifelong learning in and love of science and nature—generating wonder and awe, and empowering confidence and creativity. Her work has focused on understanding what aspects of programs inspire learning, develop resilience, and provide learners with the tools and strategies to solve problems, generate inspired products, or creative imaginative works of art. Her research and development has been conducted through a lens of promoting equity and inclusion. She was PI of a project that helped youth explore solar electricity networks and design solutions to everyday challenges focused on use of energy around the world. She has led the development of new experiences at the Lawrence—the Learning Labs—where visitors can explore the tools and practices of science and engineering that they might not otherwise have access to. Her work has also helped educators and institutions understand how diversity of thought, background, and experience can empower creativity and learning. Currently, her research interests are focused on understanding how new technologies, such as XR, impact learning. She holds a master’s degree in anthropology and a doctorate in political science.