Dione (Dee) Rossiter

Executive Director for Science at Cal
Science at Cal

Dione (Dee) Rossiter is the Executive Director for Science at Cal, a program that shares the excitement and relevance of UC Berkeley research with public audiences through lectures, street fairs, festivals, and more. Science at Cal also works with scientists across campus to build sustainable and impactful science outreach collaborations with community and campus partners. Although Science at Cal has been a campus program since 2009, reaching tens of thousands of people annually, it became a key program of the Lawrence in 2020, building tighter connections between campus and Lawrence investigators. As a Science Communication, Engagement, and Outreach Specialist, Dee has previously worked with non-profits, universities, government offices, and for-profit businesses to improve their science engagement efforts; this includes creating new and/or improving existing science communication, marketing, education, diversity, and outreach initiatives. Dee’s previous positions include: Scientific Programs & Outreach Manager at the Carnegie Institution for Science and the Director of the Mass Media Fellowship at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dee received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and her PhD from UC Santa Cruz, both in Earth & Planetary Sciences.