Florencia Ramos

Executive Director, Resource Management

As Executive Director of Resource Management, Florencia (Flori) oversees the Resource Management group at The Lawrence. This group oversees and coordinates effective business processes to ensure fiscal stewardship in support of The Lawrence’s programmatic goals.  Resource Management creates and maintains partnerships between the campus community and The Lawrence, characterized by mutual responsibility and respect.  The group assists The Lawrence’s group’s efforts in maintaining a diverse and high-quality workforce. Flori has been with The Lawrence for almost 30 years and before that, accrued more than a decade’s worth of corporate finance experience. Her day-to-day duties include managing all the budgetary, transactional and human resource activities of The Lawrence, in addition to overseeing a staff of administrative professionals who support the grant-funded and revenue-generating programs and public science center business of the museum. Flori has always found The Lawrence to be an intriguing, creative, and fun community.