Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

The Next Generation Science Standards for grades K–12, or standards influenced by the NGSS, have been adopted in the majority of states nationwide. The NGSS embody a new vision of teaching and learning through which students learn to figure out science phenomena rather than just learn about science topics. The NGSS are arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Next Generation Science Standards important?

These new standards represent a significant shift in teaching and learning—a shift from memorizing facts to focusing on thinking, meaning making, and deep conceptual understanding. Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards (English Language Arts and Mathematics) work together to provide students with engaging and enriched learning experiences.

How can The Lawrence Hall of Science help?

The Lawrence Hall of Science helps districts, schools, afterschool programs, science centers, educators, parents, and youth realize the potential of these standards.

The Lawrence influenced the direction of NGSS. Our staff, programs, research studies, and curriculum materials were used to guide the development of these forward-thinking standards.

We are an organization with a proven track record of considerable impact. For over 50 years the Lawrence Hall of Science has led, developed, and supported high-quality learning experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally, and internationally.

Our mission is squarely focused on activating science learning and STEM literacy for all.

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