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Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program (FLP)

The FLP is a professional learning program devised to assist both university and college instructors of STEM courses. The FLP is designed to improve STEM faculties’ instructional practice and then to have it be sustainably adopted by their institutions. The program nurtures an interdisciplinary learning community, provides continuous support, and is situated within each faculty’s everyday work. As faculty redefine and hone their role in providing undergraduate lectures, students’ learning-gains and experiences in STEM courses will be affected positively.

The goal of the FLP is to improve student achievement in STEM undergraduate courses. The program has the following objectives:

  • Deepen faculties’ understanding of how students learn
  • Change teaching behavior to support effective student learning
  • Engage STEM faculty in effective habits of reflection
  • Nurture a tradition of continued learning about teaching
  • Build a faculty learning community

The FLP was written and developed for dissemination by Lynn Tran and Catherine Halversen at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California Berkeley.

Thus far, more than 300 STEM faculty from the following campuses have participated in the program:

  • University of California (7 campuses are leading their own FLP cohorts)
  • California State University (12 campuses are leading their own FLP cohorts)
  • California Community Colleges (36 campuses are participating, several of which are leading their own FLP cohorts)

To learn more about FLP, visit: https://teaching.berkeley.edu/programs/transforming-stem-teaching-faculty-learning-program. For access to the FLP program materials, contact Emily Weiss at weisse@berkeley.edu.