Coding Science Internships

The Coding Science Internships project aims to create and research simulated internship curriculum units that confront barriers to broader participation in computer science and position coding as a tool for doing science. These units engage middle school students in code-to-learn experiences in which they deepen their science understanding while they develop computational thinking and core programming practices. By integrating coding within core science courses and providing teachers with structured, educative curriculum materials, the Internships are designed to expand participation in coding beyond self-selected populations and build teacher capacity for integrating computer science concepts and practices in science courses.


“That’s What Science Is, All This Data:” Coding Data Visualizations in Middle School Science Classrooms

By Ari Krakowski, Eric Greenwald and Natalie Roman

Abstract: In this experience report, we describe the Investigating Air Quality curriculum unit that integrates computational data practices with science learning in middle school science […]

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A Typology of Models for Integrating Computational Thinking in Science (CT+S)

By Ari Krakowski, Eric Greenwald, Meghan Comstock, Natalie Roman and Jacob Duke

Abstract: In order to expand opportunities to learn computer science (CS), there is a growing push for inclusion of CS concepts and practices, such as […]

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