The Power of CRISPR

CRISPR is a powerful gene editing tool that has a myriad of potential applications from curing sickle cell disease to modifying crops to resist specific diseases. However, many ethical considerations are also part of the scientific debate on when and how CRISPR should be used. The Power of CRISPR resources help to explain how CRISPR works, as well as some of the applications and potential ethical considerations being raised as this technique becomes more widespread in the field of biotechnology.

A student is using gene-editing in the Biotech Genetics Teen Research Program.


Sickle Cell Disease

What causes sickle cell disease, and why is it so problematic for patients who suffer from it? This article explains what sickle cell disease is, and what happens to the blood cells and in the circulatory system when a person has sickle cell disease.

The Power of CRISPR Sickle Cell Disease

Introduction to Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans, and 3,000,000 carry the gene for sickle cell. This video explores what sickle cell disease is, and introduces how CRISPR might be able to address this genetic condition.

Introduction to Sickle Cell Disease Video

Curing Sickle Cell Disease, Using CRISPR

A molecular overview of how CRISPR works, and how it might be used to change the gene responsible for sickle cell disease, potentially treating this debilitating genetic condition. 

Curing Sickle Cell Disease, Using CRISPR Video

The Ethical Challenges of Using CRISPR

Many of the potential uses of CRISPR present ethical challenges that are being debated by the scientific community. The overview slides and four articles provide case studies for four potential uses of CRISPR and introduce some of the ethical challenges raised around the potential use of CRISPR to address global issues, including Treating Sickle Cell Disease, Disease Resistant Rice, Fighting Malaria, and Preventing Cystic Fibrosis.

Overview Slides (pptx)

The Power of CRISPR Treating Sickle Cell Disease

The Power of CRISPR Disease Resistant Rice

The Power of CRISPR Fighting Malaria

The Power of CRISPR Preventing Cystic Fibrosis

The Power

The Power of CRISPR was created through a partnership with the Innovative Genomics Institute, with funding by the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. The videos and articles are part of a hands-on instructional curriculum and laboratory kit that is sold and distributed exclusively through our publisher, Lab-Aids.

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