Reflecting on Practice™ (RoP)

RoP is a professional learning program designed for adoption by informal science learning environments so that all educators in an organization can participate and learn together. The trademarked program immerses all types of educators—veteran and beginning, full-time and part-time, career and seasonal—in discussions about, reflections on, and applications of research and theory on learning and teaching science. The ideas and tasks that the program offers will create and strengthen a shared knowledge base and develop a professional language among educators within a given institution. It makes public the practices of all educators through promulgating a greater understanding of, and reflections on, their beliefs, goals, and actions.

RoP was developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, and was designed to help educators within an institution learn together and from one another. Anyone interested in RoP can purchase the curriculum or reach out to RoP to find out more.

Contact: Sarah Pedemonte