Shocking Nature of Wildfires

Science Show

Grades K-8

Have you ever experienced a thunderstorm? Do you know how fires burn? Join us to learn more about how charges can impact the world around us through several bright and explosive demonstrations. Spark an interest in electricity and fire safety in this spectacular show!

Related Next Generation Science Standards:

Disciplinary Core Ideas: PS2.B Types of Interactions; PS3.B Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer

Fees and Details:

VirtualAt Your Site
Enrollment240 per session maximum300 per session maximum
TimeTuesday – Friday
30 minutes
Tuesday and Thursday
50 minutes (25 minutes, grades TK-1)
CostFull Rate/Title 1 Rate: $375/$260 per science show sessionFull Rate/Title 1 Rate: $1,200/$840 for two sessions (two-session minimum; same program)
Full Rate/Title 1 Rate: $1,400/$980 for three sessions (same program)
Full Rate/Title 1 Rate: $1550/$1085 for four sessions with prior approval
Full Rate/Title 1 Rate: $200/$140 to add on a special 25-minute TK-1 version
If 80 or more miles away, a $320 travel fee applies