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DIY Sun Science Technical Support

Why doesn’t the app work on my mobile device?

DIY Sun Science is currently compatible with iPhones and iPads that have iOS 6.1.3 or later installed.

Why do the videos in the app lack sound?

The most common reason you don’t hear any sound is due to the “Mute” toggle on your iOS device. Or, just as common, the volume has been lowered so low that it settles on “mute.” If turning up the volume doesn’t work, flip the toggle switch above the volume controls on the side of your iOS device.

Why can’t I view the videos?

Make sure you’re connected to the internet via wi-fi to get the best video experience as we stream from YouTube.

Can I send the DIY Sun Science activities to a friend?

Yes! You can e-mail them a PDF of the activity within the app! Or you can go here and then scroll down to the activities in the image slider to download a pdf.

The app is telling me I’m not online, but I know my device is connected to the internet. What’s wrong?

The DIY Sun Science app accesses live images of the Sun and other data from satellites via the Internet. First check to make sure you are actually online by going to you Safari. If you are indeed online, the satellite may be temporarily unavailable. Please check back later to see if it’s up and running.

If you have any technical support issues with the app or have any suggestions, please e-mail lawrenceinfo@berkeley.edu.