The Lawrence Discovery Store

Store Staff Picks

Because we know what engages children (and adults as well), we are each picking out our favorite item from The Lawrence Discovery Store. We have your back for birthdays and holidays with a curated selection of items to excite the young scientist in your life.

Products from our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide arrayed on a shelf in the Discovery Store

The Atlas of a Changing Climate

“My pick is The Atlas of a Changing Climate, which is filled with maps, charts, and infographics about the impact of climate change on the planet. I needed a birthday present for my niece, who teaches high school science. The book is a great gift for science teachers and is also recommended for anyone ages 13 and up.”

- CCASN Coordinator of Public Programs Annie Johnston

Planetarium Projector

“My pick is the Planetarium Projector! With this projector, visitors can take the star charts we hand out in our interactive shows and practice searching for constellations and viewing planets at home. You can even get a look at the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere without taking an expensive stargazing trip! The projector is recommended for ages 8+, but could be enjoyed by younger astronomers with the help of a grown-up. Try it in a blanket fort!”

- Planetarium Lead Educator Ellen Torres Thompson

Ooze Labs Rainbow Tie-dye

“Who doesn’t love tie-dye? I think every kid (and adult!) should do tie-dye at least once in their life. The memories will last even longer than the clothes you customize. I love that this kit has everything you need to be creative, try new things, and create art–using science! Tie-dye can be as simple or as complex as you choose, making it an awesome activity for all ages!”

- Associate Director of Elementary Camps Shira Baskind

A Curious Collection of Peculiar Creatures

“My pick is a book called A Curious Collection of Peculiar Creatures by Sami Bayly. This illustrated book is filled with interesting animals that most people don’t know much about. It’s a perfect choice for older kids and animal enthusiasts. I got it for my 11-year-old brother!”

- Visitor Services & Retail Clerk Lauren Yakushiji

Super Sunprint® Kit

“I’m a little biased since I work with them so often, but I LOVE our Super Sunprint Kits. They are the perfect way to express your creativity and engage with the world around you. I find myself looking at different objects around me and thinking “That would make a cool Sunprint!” My favorite items I’ve used to make cool Sunprints are popcorn, Lego bricks, and my cat’s shadow! The paper is so easy to use; I recommend it for people of all ages!”

- Retail Manager Amy Kistner

Outdoor Nature Lab Program Lead Chris Ziska holds up the book Nature's Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy, his staff pick favorite from the Lawrence Discovery Store.

Nature’s Best Hope

“Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy is so motivational and provides wonderful information on how to help improve the planet, one backyard at a time. The importance of native gardens and helping the species that call your backyard home is a focal point of this informative and engaging book, and everyone will be able to walk away learning something.”

- Outdoor Nature Lab Program Lead Chris Ziska

Discovery Store Office Lead Tigerlily Biskup holds up the Kidzlabs Bubble Science Kit as her staff pick of favorite store items.

Kidzlabs Bubble
Science Kit

“My favorite item is the Kidzlabs Bubble Science Kit. Playing with bubbles is very nostalgic for me, and the cool shapes in this kit make really neat bubbles that are fun to look at but also teach you a lot about science! The kit is great for anybody in elementary school; I’m planning to get it for my little sister, who’s turning 6!”

- Discovery Store Office Lead Tigerlily Biskup

A child is looking at a lava lamp

Northern Lights Lava Lamp

“My whole family loves the Northern Lights Lava Lamp! My kids have used this as a nightlight since they were young. Not only does it provide the right amount of light, it also provides calming patterns and shapes to focus on as they nod off to sleep. And, it’s just the right amount of retro for my partner and I to appreciate it, too. Hope you have a chance to enjoy it!”

- Director, The Lawrence Hall of Science, Rena Dorph