More Ways to Give


Payable to UC Berkeley Foundation and send to : Lawrence Hall of Science, Development Department, 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720. 

Credit Card

Online at 

Donor-Advised Funds and Charitable Giving Programs

Please visit your donor-advised/charitable giving fund website or contact your fund manager to submit your gift recommendation.

The gift will be made to the UC Berkeley Foundation. The tax identification number for the UC Berkeley Foundation is 94-6090626.  Search for this if you are processing your request on your donor-advised website, or advise your fund manager of this information.  The Lawrence Hall of Science does not have a separate listing.

Checks should be payable to the UC Berkeley Foundation and mailed to UC Berkeley, UDAR-Gift Services, 1995 University Avenue, Suite 400, Berkeley, CA 94704-1070.  

Documentation must indicate that the gift is to support The Lawrence Hall of Science.

Matching Gifts

Many organizations will generously match employee contributions, which multiplies the impact of your personal giving. Please check with your employer to see if they have a corporate matching gift program.  

Note that you will need to select Regents of the University of California, Berkeley as the recipient of your matching gift on your employer’s matching gift website or form and indicate that the gift is to support the Lawrence Hall of Science in a “Notes” or “Details” field in your request. The Lawrence does not have a separate listing.

Find out if your company has a matching gift policy or program here.

Planned Giving

Your legacy gift may enable you to support The Lawrence more than you thought possible, while at the same time allowing you to achieve your financial, philanthropic, and estate-planning goals. UC Berkeley’s Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society recognizes and honors planned-giving donors for their commitment, and extends to its members an array of campuswide benefits, including invitations to events and complimentary access and discounts. UC Berkeley’s Office of Gift Planning has a comprehensive website,, featuring online tools that guide you through a variety of gift options. 

Stocks and Securities

We encourage donors to transfer gifts of publicly-traded securities to one of the UC Berkeley Foundation’s brokerage accounts by completing and submitting one of the transfer forms below.

The primary and preferred brokerage account is with Morgan Stanley, and is appropriate for most gifts of securities. All transfers of mutual funds must be sent to our Morgan Stanley account. If you intend on transferring mutual funds, always contact us at 510.642.6791 immediately as certain steps must be taken before the transfer is initiated. Download Morgan Stanley securities transfer form.

The UC Berkeley Foundation also has a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, primarily for our donors who have Schwab accounts. Download Charles Schwab securities transfer form.

After you have filled out a transfer form, please (1) provide a copy to your broker and (2) email a copy to and copy The Lawrence Hall of Science at  Securities can’t be sold without first identifying the donor.

If you have questions, please call 510.642.6791 or email