We learn from our community. Our advisors’ passion for science education, professional expertise in diverse fields, and knowledge of the communities we serve, help us carry out our mission.


Our Advisory Council is composed of community members who are extraordinarily dedicated to our mission. Each of our Advisory Council members brings a unique set of experiences, skills and relationships that enhances and improves our ability to support high quality science education everywhere. We applaud and thank the members of our Advisory Council, past and present, for their outstanding work on behalf of The Lawrence Hall of Science.

Alysia Green

Hollis Chin

Gibor Basri
Marc Bensadoun
Catherine Cook
Ayyana M. Chakravartula
Hollis Chin
Faith Dukes
Roger W. Falcone
Joyce Hicks
Sarah L. Peterson
Dan Shimizu
Ajit Smith-Iyer
Jirong Xiao

Emeriti Members
Paul A. Bartlett
Rebekah Helzel
Paul Hertelendy
Gary Masada
Yumi Nakagawa
Donald R. Proctor

Faculty Advisors

Our Faculty Advisors connect us to the latest research taking place at UC Berkeley. Our colleagues on campus are a vital resource that not only share updated perspectives on new frontiers in science, but thoughtful approaches to advancing equity and opportunity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Anne Baranger
Courtney Dressing
Robert Full
Ken Goldberg
Frances Hellman
Bob Jacobsen
Alessandra Lanzara
Eric Paulos
Lisa Pruitt
Robert Rhew
Linda Rugg
Alan Schoenfeld
Ikhlaq Sidhu
Tina Trujillo

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