Bready Bubble Balloon

Learners discover the bubble power of living cells in this multi-hour experiment with baker’s yeast. Learners make a living yeast/water solution in a bottle, and add table sugar to feed the yeast. As the yeast breaks down the sugar into simpler molecules, carbon dioxide is released. As the carbon dioxide bubbles up in the bottle, the gas expands a balloon that has been fitted over the bottle’s opening.

Materials List:

  • Packet of active dry yeast

  • Table sugar (a few tablespoons)

  • Plain warm water (NOT HOT!)

  • Balloon (not inflated)

  • Empty, clean plastic drink bottle with narrow opening

Preparation Time: 10 - 30 minutes

Activity Time: 4 - 24 hours


Bread BubblesPDF


  • Chemistry
  • States & Structure of Matter
  • Food, Cooking & Nutrition

Grade Level:

  • Grades 1 - 8

Activity Type:

  • Experiment/Lab Activity