Drop Shape


Drop Shape

In this activity, learners get a closer look at the shape of a drop of water and a drop of oil. Learners first drip water onto wax paper and examine the shape of separate drops from a side view. Learners then drip oil onto wax paper to examine what shape each drop has and whether oil drops are like water drops or different. Finally learners drip colored water drops and oil drops onto wax paper together, mix oil and water in a container, and observe how the two fluids behave when they are in contact.

Materials List:

  • Small amount of water in a small container

  • Small amount of cooking oil in a different container

  • 2 plastic stirrers, plastic utensils, toothpicks or medicine droppers

  • 3 small pieces of wax paper

  • Container

  • Food coloring


Topics: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans & Water, The Scientific Process

Grade Level: Grades 1 - 8

Activity Type: Experiment/Lab Activity

Preparation Time: Under 5 minutes

Activity Time: 10 - 30 minutes