Make your own solar prints with the power of the Sun and cyanotype technology. SUNPRINT® Kits are an easy and exciting project to do—perfect for DIY crafts, science experiments, and learning about the natural world.

SUNPRINT Kits, originally developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science in 1975, provide creative stimulation for curious learners of all ages. Children, families, students, and artists all use SUNPRINT Kits. How will you use yours?


  • Solar, Light & Optics

Grade Level:

  • Grade 1 and up

Activity Type:

  • Outdoor Activity

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Proceeds from the sale of SUNPRINT Kits aid The Lawrence’s mission–to inspire and foster the learning of science and mathematics for all. So get yours today at The Lawrence Discovery Store!

Visit the Sunprints Website

Visit the Sunprints website to learn how Sunprints work and to download Sunprints activities.