Wind Tunnel


Wind Tunnel

Scientists use enormous wind tunnels to test the design of planes, helicopters, even the Space Shuttle. In this simulation activity, learners create a miniature wind tunnel test by blowing air with a fan or blow dryer through a large tube, then flying paper airplanes, helicopters and other folded paper models in the “wind.” Unless the source of the air is a fan that stands on its own, for example, more than one person will be needed to do the activity.

Materials List:

  • Large paper tube or heavy paper

  • Blow dryer or fan

  • Tape

  • String

  • Paper helicopter

  • Paper plane

  • Other folded paper models


Topics: Physics, Forces & Motion, Technology, Engineering

Grade Level: Grades 1 - 8

Activity Type: Simulation

Preparation Time: 10 - 30 minutes

Activity Time: 10 - 30 minutes