Big Give

BIG GIVE 3-10-22 Make a donation to our Children's Scholarship Fund
March 9, 2022

Big Give 2022

A Big Thanks to all of you who responded when we asked you to make a difference in a young…

BIG GIVE 2021 THANK YOU! Your support will make a BIG impact
March 11, 2021

Big Give 2021

BIG THANKS for helping us meet our Inspiring Tomorrow Big Match Challenge, and for going beyond! Your generosity during BIG…

Sunstones at The Lawrence
March 14, 2019


BIG THANKS to everyone who donated during the Big Give on March 14, 2019! With your generous support, we raised…

BIG THANKS for supporting The Lawrence Hall of Science
December 14, 2016

Big Thanks from the Bottom of Our Hearts (and Butterflies)

On November 17, the Lawrence Hall of Science participated in UC Berkeley’s annual fundraising day. The Big Give was created…