Past Exhibits

An adult and child are visiting the Biotech Beach exhibit at The Lawrence Hall of Science

Biotech Beach

Visit Biotech Beach on A-level to explore different sand samples to find small plastic particles that can accumulate on beaches and in the ocean. Learn more about the atomic structure of plastics and hear how UC Berkeley scientists are researching a solution by designing a new kind of plastic that is infinitely recyclable. Our friends at the Ecology Center also have some information you can take home with strategies for reducing our reliance on disposable plastics.

A girl and an adult playing a ball-launching game in the Well Played exhibit at The Lawrence

Well Played!

You don’t have to be a pro to know that math and science can help improve your game. Experiment with force, angles, and trajectory to get the highest scores you can with classic arcade games such as Skee-ball, pinball, minigolf, and basketball.

A child builds with blocks.

Build a Better World

What does an ideal community look like to you? How do people get to work, or enjoy their days off? Contribute your ideas to a growing city using LEGO® bricks. Whether you construct a park, a school, a tower, or a vehicle, with your imagination we will Build a Better World—Together.

Children observe a snake in the Animal Discovery Zone at the Lawrence

Critter Connection

Come learn about animals with the help of one of our very special animal ambassadors that live in the Animal Discovery Zone! You’ll get the chance to make observations and ask questions about one of our live animals and learn about their diet, behavior, adaptations, and more! For the health and safety of our staff, our visitors, and our animals, capacity is limited.

A child looking through a microscope with two children looking on

Pandemic Detectives

Dive into the science behind the COVID19 pandemic using hands-on activity stations. Test different mask materials, inspect them under a microscope, build model antibodies, discuss with your group what kinds of risks certain activities pose, and more!

Drawing of the Community Connections exhibit at The Lawrence

Community Connections

Highlighting the experiences of our communities in response to the pandemic through 2-D and 3-D creations, artifacts, stories, letters, journal entries, artwork, photos, videos, and more.

A volunteer and a child work together on a science project


This series on mental health was created through a partnership of the Greater Good Science Center, Bay Area Community Resources, and The Lawrence, with an aim of connecting youth with professionals and providing a resource for their community.