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Ingenuity Challenges: Located on the right-hand side of the building. Continue past The Young Explorer's Area and the Planetarium to find the Ingenuity Challenges.

Flex Your Design Muscles.

It’s fun to use your ingenuity to solve problems and meet challenges! By approaching things in creative ways, and by applying your own talents and skills, you can discover solutions that are uniquely you.


Solve Problems and Meet Challenges

Design, build, and test your own inventions with the support of UC Berkeley students, staff, and volunteers.

Child and The Lawrence facilitator working on an activity.

Current Challenge

Make your own Skatchbox

Make your own skatchbox, a one-of-a-kind percussion instrument played by rubbing a shaped comb over a variety of items to make weird and wild clicking and rustling sounds. Explore how to use recycled materials to create sounds and improvised music with non-traditional items.

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Our Ingenuity Catalogue

Check out some of the other challenges our learning designers have developed!

Circuitry and Artbots
Experiment with engineering and motion as you design, build, and test artbots. Observe and compare how your motorized contraptions perform as you create surprising and unexpected patterns. Experiment with circuitry and build your own jitterbots, or design custom LEGO® artbots.

HydraulicsWater-Powered Machines
Have you ever wondered how a crane is able to lift heavy objects, or how desk chairs can go up or down at the push of a lever? Come and design innovative hydraulic and pneumatic systems that can lift, push, or pull an object.

Linkages and Moving Toys
Find your inner engineer and artist by exploring linkages. Use mechanical linkages to prototype mechanisms with specific movements while designing your own animated characters and moving toys.

Optical Illusions
Design, build, and test your own optical illusion while learning about the human eye as part of our newest Ingenuity challenge. Observe and compare how optical illusions work, while you create fun and unique designs.

Pinball Palooza
Learn the inner mechanics of a pinball machine, then construct your own! Use everyday materials to create flippers, plungers, and ramps to make your pinball machine uniquely yours.

Prosthetic Hand Challenge
Do you have what it takes to design, build, and test a prosthetic hand?  This challenge was developed in partnership with UC Berkeley’s CITRIS Lab on an exhibit spun from Sophie’s Super Hand.  Use a variety of materials to design, build, and test a prosthetic hand as part of our newest Ingenuity Challenge, funded by Colocation America.

Turbines and Windmills
Design, build, and test wind turbines to harness the power of the wind. In this engineering design challenge, you will experiment with blade designs to find out how much electricity you can generate!

Urban Water Challenge (ReNUWIt)
How do engineers influence the water we use and drink? Engineers at ReNUWIt are reinventing the nation’s urban water infrastructure. Be a water engineer and design your own systems to make urban water safe, sustainable, and (re)usable. For more information about ReNUWIt, visit