2023 Highlights Reel

December 21, 2023

Dear friends,

As the year draws to a close, and as I reflect back on all we have accomplished this year, I am filled with gratitude for your encouragement and support.

I am also emboldened by a clarity of purpose—that our mission is more critical than ever.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens and scientists, investors and inventors, patients and practitioners, learners and leaders, champions and changemakers. And they are inheriting a planet that faces tremendous challenges, from climate change to healthcare to food insecurity.

There is much work to do to realize the promise of today’s youth and communities so that they can marshal the full potential of science as well as technology to address these global challenges. At The Lawrence, for more than 50 years we have led the way in designing, studying, and scaling issues-oriented and practice-rich STEM learning experiences. Our work in engaging youth, and also the adults who support them, through community-engaged and partner-supported science discovery, learning, and advocacy– cultivates hope, possibility, and the potential for transformative change.

We are deeply thankful for your generosity in supporting The Lawrence to inspire tomorrow.

Looking forward to the year ahead!

With gratitude and hope,

Rena Dorph, Ph.D.

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