Craig Strang

Associate Director for Learning and Teaching

Craig is the Associate Director for Learning and Teaching at the Lawrence Hall of Science. He oversees a team that focuses on building capacity to improve math, science, ocean and environmental literacy in formal and informal education systems nationally and internationally. He has worked at the Hall since 1991 and considers himself a science, ocean science and environmental educator. He founded the award winning Marine Activities, Resources & Education Program. He leads programs that assist school districts to increase their capacity for supporting high quality science programs, and develops curriculum and instructional materials for outdoor science programs, including residential outdoor science schools. He has played a key role co-leading the nationwide Ocean Literacy Campaign that has also been influential throughout Europe and Asia. He is co-chair of the statewide California Environmental Literacy Initiative. Throughout his career, Craig’s work has focused on equity, inclusion and cultural relevance. He designs instructional materials that promote language development among emerging bilingual students. He is currently  Principal Investigator of the NSF Working Toward Racial Equity Project that builds on a previous pilot project, Working Toward Equitable Organizations.He is  the author of many articles, presentations and instructional materials. Before turning to science education full time, he did research on elephant seals, humpback whales and California sea lions, and led ecotours in East Africa, the Sea of Cortez and the Galapagos Islands.