Tuff Pupil

Tuff Pupil

A Hip Hop Series about Global STEM Issues

Taye and Flori are high school students and best friends, and they’re also electronic hip hop duo Tuff Pupil. After school, they make music about the technology and science they encounter in their lives that they think other kids should know about.

Data Science

Earth Rise, NASA Image

Search the Sky

A Series about the Moon, Stars, and Planets

Videos brought to you by the Lawrence Planetarium at UC Berkeley, hosted by John Erickson the Director of the Planetarium.


Family exploring one of our science apps together

The Lawrence at Home

A Series about Investigating and Inventing

Watch The Lawrence at Home to find fun things for you to do at home or outdoors. Kids and families can look forward to exploring, investigating, discovering and inventing through DIY projects, meeting animal friends, science demonstrations and shows, astronomy and nature walks.

Kitchen Science
Stories in STEAM
Neighborhood Nature