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With our interactive apps and activities, learners of all ages can unlock science concepts anytime, anywhere. Explore the surface of the sun from your living room. Help a 3-eyed monster stay healthy. Build a lung from an empty bottle. All of our apps and activities are hands-on and designed to foster learning in dynamic ways—they’re where science clicks.

Science can be messy activity
Two young people are using a science app on a tablet


Feel the power of our science apps! Play Space Chef to make nutritious meals in space or Monster Heart Medic to save Ragnar through healthy living. Learn about living with diabetes with I Got This. Investigate the Sun with DIY Sun Science, the Human Body with DIY Human Body, nanotechnology with DIY Nano, and lakes and freshwater ecosystems with DIY Lake Science.

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Enjoy our hands-on science activities from SUNPRINT® Kits to Starwheels!

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Enjoy videos of Tuff Pupil and Search the Sky!

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The view seen from The Lawrence

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Enjoy the view from the Lawrence Hall of Science, overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area.

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