In the United States of America, societal structures of oppression frame and underpin nearly every field and industry, including environmental education. Despite growing attention on efforts to diversify the environmental education workforce in the United States, environmental fields have had minimal success attracting and retaining professionals of color. This study sought to explore how Environmental Educators of Color experience and are impacted by workplace culture, practices, and policies. Through focus groups, Environmental Educators of Color shared their perspectives related to equity and inclusion in environmental education work environments. This study draws on critical race theory as an analytical framework to center racial equity in our understanding of the experiences and perspectives of Environmental Educators of Color. Analysis of data included thematic emergent analysis to identify themes in focus group transcripts. Findings indicate that the workplace practices are frequently and unintentionally reinforcing the status quo of systemic racism and marginalization that Environmental Educators of Color experience.

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Romero, V., Foreman, J., Strang, C., Rodriguez, L., Payan, R.,  Moore-Bailey, K., & Olsen, S. (2022). Racial equity and inclusion in United States of America-based environmental education organizations: A critical examination of priorities and practices in the work environment. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (25: 91-116).

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Year: 2022


  • Equity & Inclusion

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